Time at Home - The Isle of Wight by Tom Court

Some images from the different sports that have inspired Tom Court as he grew up on the Isle of Wight... some secret spots to be sure!

Blake Samson - Day at the Beach

Island mountain biker Blake Sampson shows us the potential that the Isle of Wight coastline has for mountain biking! Stunning views and incredible action

Kite Sailing the Isle of Wight - Kite Tender - Worlds first commercial kite boat?

The Island has always been home to the sailing world and some of the latest inventions. During Cowes week here we see Tom Court piloting a new Kite powered boat across the waters of the solent...

Freestyle Kitesurfing | Tom Court | Renault KADJAR

Here we have an example of the Isle of Wight and its incredible Kiteboarding conditions being used in an international marketing campaign for Renualt. Tom Court kiteboarding in the solent and around the waters of Brook bay and putting the 2016 Renault Kadjar to the test...

Flying the Isle of Wight - ICARO AQUILA - High Adventure

Visions of flying Paragliders on the Isle of Wight. The Island has some of the best cliff souring in the south coast of the UK!