In a Nutshell:





Our mission is to revive the Isle Of Wight as a brand within itself, and capture the ever growing young active audience by showcasing the Islands world class lifestyle, environment and businesses in a new light. 

As a 3rd party platform, we aim to inject a fresh perspective and vision of the Island, in order to create awareness of the 'new good life' that is achievable here. Through this we hope to capture a broader audience and give rise to the growing global trend of leading a healthy and active lifestyle... 

Through our extensive knowledge and first hand experience within the action sports industry, we look to open doors and expose the Islands' World Class, sporting environment.  We achieve this through the creation of unique, original, active lifestyle media coupled with a unique distribution network linked to the sports themselves.  

Through  our platform, media house and consultancy service, we hope to present healthy business opportunities and fresh marketing techniques to Island based companies, that will not only have a positive impact on Local businesses, but will also offer the opportunity to connect with International business and likeminded thinkers on a global scale.